The First Experiment

A Simple Idea

My first project here on Game Design Notes started as a simple idea. One of our game group members said it would be cool if there was a Skyrim version of the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games (we’ve mostly played Age of Rebellion).

My first thought was Dungeons & Dragons. I mean both The Elder Scrolls and most RPGs in general are based on it.

My group and I have no experience with D&D. We have only had minor experience with Age of Rebellion.

But I knew she was right, there’s something we can do here. My mind spun off into all the possibilities.

This seems like a very fun design challenge. I’ll get to practice design, implementation, and testing along the way.

Another benefit is I won’t need to struggle through thinking up characters or monsters. I can focus on the systems and really try to nail the feel of The Elder Scrolls.


Design Requirements

I’m going to set a few requirements here before we get started. I don’t want this to be an exact 1:1 game conversion.

First, my group is not experienced with RPGs. What I mean is we often don’t realize how flexible our actions can be.

I want this to be a little more concrete with the actions we can take. I want players to have lots of options and make it easy for them to know what their character can do.

Second the Star Wars game we have has some unique dice. I think it would be good to incorporate these dice into the game.

Dice from my copy of the Age of Rebellion Game

And finally, as much as I enjoy being the GM, I would really like to join the party exploring. I’d like to automate the scenarios and monster AI as much as possible (Maybe similar to Gloomhaven).


Here’s our final list

  1. The Elder Scrolls Theme
  2. Easy to play and see what abilities and actions players can take each round
  3. Use the dice we have
  4. No GM, prebuilt scenarios and monster ai


I’m very excited to share my progress with you! In my next post we’ll get started by looking at the basic stats.


Thanks for reading,