Fallout ICRPG – Weapons & Equipment

Universal Starting Equipment (Choose Three) Rope & Hook, +3 DEX when climbing Standard issue grapple gear. Includes 50 feet of rope and a curved metal anchor. Enhanced Targeting Card Attach to an Energy Weapon. When rolling ENERGY EFFORT on a D8, if you roll a natural 8 roll again. There is no limit to how

Fallout ICRPG – Starter Loot

Starter Loot (Choose One) Bowler Hat, +1 END Wasteland Survival Guide, +1 INT Fedora, +1 CHR Welding Goggles, +1 PER Leather Boots, +1 AGI Sunglasses, +1 LCK Scrap Electronics, +1 Energy Effect Weapon Mods, +2 Weapon Damage Scavengers Gloves, +3 When rolling for LOOT Binoculars, +3 PER while scouting Astoundingly Awesome Tales #7, +3 Ultimate

Weapon Types (Game Design)

Weapon Types In the previous post I created some basic weapons and briefly touched on weapon types. Today I will go into more detail for each of the weapon types. Besides daggers, one-handed and two-handed weapons have equivalent weapon types, with two-handed variants being heavier, slower, and doing more damage. I will talk about each