Fallout ICRPG – Bioforms

Bio-Forms HUMAN: The most common folk that wander the earth. Humans are versatile and cover many roles. While not the most robust creature, humans as a whole have proven the test of time. Humans get +2 points during character creation. GHOUL: Once human, forever changed by massive amounts of radiation. Ghouls are not welcome in

Fallout ICRPG – Stats and Effort

Special Stats Most of the stats from the original ICRPG rules stay the same. Some have been renamed to match those of the Fallout universe. There is also 1 additional Stat. STRENGTH (STR) Strength is your brute force. It determines your effectiveness with melee and unarmed weapons. This is the same as the ICRPG core

Fallout ICRPG Conversion

Hello everyone! I’ve been working steadily on an ICRPG conversion of the Fallout universe. The recent news of Fallout 76 got my nostalgia turned up and I have more drive than ever to get this completed. I’ve been slowly creating a single large document. That isn’t going quick enough for me, so I’m going to

How to Setup Discord for an RPG

This article will be a living document on how to setup discord for use with an RPG. This is currently a work in progress, please leave a comment if you have any questions. I recently setup my own Discord server to run a play by post game of ICRPG (which is basically a streamlined version

Running a Play By Post RPG on Discord

TL;DR I found out that I love playing role playing games. I don’t have a ton of time to add another 3 hour gaming session to my week. I tried my hand at creating a Discord channel and becoming a Dungeon Master. Discord offers a lot of great tools to help with Play-By-Post games. Mine