Synth in the Wasteland

Today im bringing some new different content while I work on the next post for the design challenge.

Here is a fun little build using a few mods. You could even do it without mods.



I’ve been playing with mods by StiffWood especially his rally flares mods. They let you spawn in soldiers of their related faction. There are 3 levels, basic, support, and assault which require higher perks to craft. I found his synth relay grenade mod and decided to make a playthrough of it.


Idea Origin

I started a new play through and was going to play as a brotherhood of steel Paladin. Rise through the ranks and be a leader, setting up bases across the Commonwealth.

All was going according to plan but after clearing out the Arc Jet Systems I realized that I tend to play on the Brotherhood side. I love the technology.

It dawned on me that I never play as the institute. So here we have the Synth build.

The craftable relay mod is essential here so you can call in synths for assistance before actually reaching the institute. Now let’s get into the background of why we can do this.



You are the sole survivor of vault 111. This is not a mistake as you were replaced by a synth double during your time in the cryo chamber. You were given a short memory of events just before your time in the vault to give you some way to relate to the humans of the wasteland.

You are released from the vault after a synth patrol identifies a Brotherhood of Steel recon unit. Your mission is relayed to you via your synth component: You must infiltrate the recon unit and find a way to take down the Brotherhood.

The institute wants to take down more than just a single patrol. A team of Synths has been sent to Arc Jet Systems to locate a deep range transmitter. They will then broadcast their location via frequencies detectable by the BoS.

You must assist the BoS in obtaining the transmitter from Arc Jet. Gain the trust of the recon squad and get them to call in the rest of their fleet so it can be destroyed.


Starting Stats

As a synth you will have high physical and mental abilities while having no luck or charisma.

Your starting values may be a bit different (The immersive mod changes how many points you allocate at creation)


This makes sense for a synth. Very intelligent, perceptive, and physically capable.



The immersive mod changes how some of the perks work. Awareness 2 now slows time. This is your first goal. Slowing time makes sense as a synth because your mind can process information so fast.

Next step is to Max out your science skill so you can craft all the Synth relay grenades. After that it’s really up to you. It makes role playing sense to take the hacking perks.


Weapons And Equipment

You’re going to be infiltrating the Brotherhood so wearing anything that allows you to blend with them is great. Power armour if you like.

Your end goal will be full synth armor when you take down the Brotherhood. Synths are resourceful and can use any weapon type. I’ve been using an institute rifle mostly for role playing.

If you do get Power armour I recommend getting the X01 power armor and painting it institute white of course!


That’s it!

Roam the wasteland as a badass cyborg. Call in squads of Synths to help you. Take down opposing factions!

Hope you have fun in the Commonwealth!