Star Wars RPG


This RPG by Fantasy Flight Games has a 3 part series to it. Each piece is considered a whole game in itself, but the core mechanics are the same across all games. The exceptions lie in the theme, character classes, and character backstory/motivations.
Briefly in order of release:

  • Edge of the Empire – Scoundrels and smugglers that have debts to pay and possibly angry bounty hunters after them.
  • Age of Rebellion – Rebel soldiers, commandos, and Special Forces waging war against the empire.
  • Force & Destiny – Exploring deeper into the force both light and dark.



      • Core rulebook (Edge, Age, Force) which detail worlds, creatures, equipment, ships, etc. And fill out the theme of the universe at the current time.
      • Beginner Box (Edge, Age, Force) which comes with a set of dice, 4 pre-built characters, a simple tutorial-esk mission, a map, character chits for enemies/creatures/players, and a small rule booklet. This is what I started out with and is a great way to jump into playing the game. The mission is setup very nicely for new players (and GMs) and still provides a lot of narrative options. Best of all it provides a jumping off point to continue further missions.
      • Dice, they sell packs separate from the game books. Also note that dice are the same across all games
      • They also have other adventure supplements link No Disintegrations, Friends Like These, Savage Spirits, which add additional gear, adventures, and expands on existing character specializations.


    What I like about the game
        • First I have to mention that it’s Star Wars. Most of my friends love Star Wars (who doesn’t?) so the setting is very enjoyable for us. It lets us get into character and explore a universe that we know and love.
        • The Narrative dice used for the game are very fun and easy to use. The amount of dice you roll depends on your skill, difficulty of the check, and other factors (bonuses, setbacks, conditions, etc). Rolling the dice gives you a pass/fail result along with a “how well” result. This double layer of pass/fail helps tell the story of what is happening to your characters and is very fun to work with.


        • I’d say the biggest challenges for me come from being new to tabletop RPGs and being a GM.
        • It can sometimes be challenging to come up with interesting interpretations of a dice role. The books do a good job of giving you ideas for interpretations.



    If you like RPGs and the Star Wars universe this is a must. Then pick which game you want based on which theme you’re looking for (Smugglers, Soldiers, or Jedi). The narrative dice add a fun element to character building and storytelling.

  • I recommend getting one of the beginner boxes if you are just starting out as it is cheaper than the core rulebook, and gives you the dice needed to get started (I started with the Age of Rebellion beginner box). The simple rulebook included with the box is enough to get you started before needing more info from the core book.
    Have fun, and may the Force be with you!


    Here are some helpful resources and links for those who get into the game if I am missing any please tell me!