Skyrim Tabletop Conversion Project

This page is to help keep all the posts for the Skyrim Tabletop Conversion Project in one easy location. As new posts are released this page will be updated.

This project is currently on Hold while I work on other projects.



It started with a simple idea. Take the game mechanics from the Star Wars RPG games (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny) and adapt them to The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

I thought it would be an interesting exercise in game design. It’s turned out to be a ton of fun, you can find more about why I started it here.



It would probably be best to start with my post about the dice mechanics. This is really the core gameplay and drives the rest of the design choices.

From there we back up and look at adapting the base characteristics (stats) to fit the skills of Skyrim.

Looking at stats leads us to determining starting health, Magicka, and stamina. I also cover how these resources will be regenerated during battle.

We’ve got most of the stats figured out, we can look at how races differ(coming soon). Each race has has distinct differences and enable unique playstyles.



Now comes the fun part. Weapons and Spells. For sure read the post on dice mechanics (also above) as we make our first weapon, an Iron Dagger.

From a single iron dagger to a full set of iron weapons I’ll show my thoughts on weapon types. We’ll then go in depth about weapon material types and how they contribute to the feel of the game.

Spells and incantations (for those with a talent to cast them) starting with the school of destruction.

We need to look at creature AI and stats before we talk about illusion and conjuration type spells.

Eventually we’ll discuss the workings of stealth abilities like sneaking. Then you’ll be asking me for perks, passives, and racial abilities.

And we can’t forget armor and equipment!



My goal is to get just enough built so we can start playing. Testing early and often will help identify any glaring issues of balance or fun. I’ll talk about that in this section.

I’ll also be putting together a rulebook that clearly explains everything I’ve designed above so you and others can play!


Be sure to check this page for updates each week!