[Review] Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

I’ve always had a hard time finding a good cooperative game to play with my wife. This past Christmas we found ourselves attending a wedding in Omaha. While my wife was off doing bridal party things I stopped into a wonderful little board game cafe called Spiel Bound. They recommended trying the Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle game.


This is a deck building game. You start as one of four main characters, Harry, Hermoine, Ron, or Nevill. Each has a starter deck of 10 cards with some unique cards that fit each character. In each game you gain resources to purchase new cards for your deck. Your goal is to defeat all the villains before they control all the locations (by putting metal tokens on the location cards).

The game is split into 7 game boxes that come packaged up. This was a really cool experience for us. The games take you through each year of schooling that happens in the movies. It acts as a very good way to learn the game. Each new game unlocks new cards, villains, hero abilities, and rules. The games get progressively harder as you unlock new enemies and start taking on multiple at a time.

The biggest benefit to this is that we could sit down a learn the rules while playing. Very little time spent learning. Each game introduced one or two new mechanics or changes to the previous game so we rarely had to reference rules for questions.

Gameplay is also a lot of fun. There are many cards that let you effect your allies such has healing them or letting them draw extra cards. There is also a small amount of planning and strategy when determining which villains to defeat first.

Neither my wife or I could find major flaws with the game. Each game was a new accomplishment and we were pumped to open the next box and see what cards were available. Setup is also very quick. There are a number of cards to pull out, however the game comes with some dividers that makes organizing the box very easy. It only takes a few minutes to pull everything out and start a game.


This is our favorite cooperative game to play now. If you’re looking for a cooperative game, deck builder, or are just a Harry Potter fan, this is a great choice. There is currently one expansion out for the game The Monster Box of Monsters which we have not played yet but will for sure be picking up soon.

You can pick both games up on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price. I got the core game for $40 and the expansion is usually about $25.

If you have any questions about the game please join our discord server and let me know!

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