Weapon Types (Game Design)

Weapon Types In the previous post I created some basic weapons and briefly touched on weapon types. Today I will go into more detail for each of the weapon types. Besides daggers, one-handed and two-handed weapons have equivalent weapon types, with two-handed variants being heavier, slower, and doing more damage. I will talk about each

Resource Regeneration

Today for our game design challenge we will be looking at how our characters regenerate resources. Last time we created 3 resources, stamina, magicka, and focus. We also talked about how to calculate a characters maximum. We need our characters to be able restore their resources during battle, so let’s dive in.   Regeneration Initially

Synth in the Wasteland

Today im bringing some new different content while I work on the next post for the design challenge. Here is a fun little build using a few mods. You could even do it without mods.   Mods Immersive gameplay (great overhaul adds a lot of good features) (not required) Better synth relay grenades (essential) Overgrowth