New Inspiration

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! This past week I finally got to crack open my new copy of Imperial Assault and learn the ropes.

Here’s a picture of me playing with my cat (he’s winning)

Let me tell you, this is the game I’ve basically been recreating with this Skyrim Conversion Project and I’m going to be using it for inspiration.

First let me talk about what the game is. Imperial Assault is a tactical miniatures game played on a tiled map using cards and dice. Here is a quick video from the company that explains it really well.


Imperial Assault on Amazon

There are 2 modes, campaign and skirmish. Campaign is mostly what I’ve been trying to create. One player takes on the role of Imperial commander and tries to stop up to 4 rebel players (heroes) from completing a series of missions. Skirmish is a 2 player head to head variant that pits rebellion and imperial forces against each other to fit for multiple objectives.

This game is very streamlined. Combat uses a similar dice pool rolling mechanic to the Star Wars RPG. This includes damage, range, and special bonuses. Movement is straight forward and line of sight rules are easy to get a grasp on.

Top: Defense Dice
Bottom: Attack dice

The game uses a large amount of cards for weapons, items, abilities, characters, etc. They even use a simple ‘pick 2’ system for deciding what characters can do each round.

This game is really what I’ve been trying to emulate with the conversion, with the exception of automated enemies. All stats and abilities are laid out on cards. There is simple and effective combat and movement. And it uses cards and dice. I’m a bit torn now for how to proceed. Do I Coninue on my current path using many of the system from the Star Wars RPGs? Or do I instead start looking more into the Immperial Assualt system as I get more experienced with it?

The stat system is much simpler than the RPG because your characters don’t have base attributes. All the abilities and dice pools are laid out on the character sheets.

Imperial Assualt Hero Stats (Jyn)

The game does support some basic skill checks. But there are only 3 ‘skills’ vs the 18 from the RPG.

I’m loving the game so far and thinking about how to use this game for new inspiration. I think there is a lot here I can pull from. Heck I can use the tiles for testing out maps. I’ll keep playing and thinking about how to proceed.

Let me know your thoughts on the game and what you like or dislike about it.

Have a great week,