New House

Hello everyone,

I would like to apologize for the lack of content over the past month or so. Multiple things have happened since my last post which have contributed to my silence.

First is good news, my wife and I unexpectedly ended up purchasing a home! We weren’t quite in the market but everything just fell into place for us which has been fantastic. Moving forward this will be a huge upgrade in space for us (from our tiny 2 bedroom rental house) which means I will have more space to work on writing (my desk has been pretty cluttered).

Second is the bad news. We had an unexpected death occur. It wasn’t a relative however a close friend of my wife’s family. This all happened about 2 weeks into the whole house buying process. Needless to say our days were really thrown off during the last few weeks as we had to accommodate for prayer services and the funeral. Most everyone has moved to a place of acceptance at this point and life is returning to mostly normal.

Third, we are still in the process of closing on the new home. Everything is good it’s just a matter of getting all the paperwork finalized and official. We’re coming up on the close date in the next few weeks, which really means we’re trying to pack and prepare for the actual move. This has prevented me from having time dedicated to writing.

I have been continuing to come up with ideas for the project which I have been recording in an Excel sheet. I’ve also been throwing around the idea of starting a podcast to talk about some of my ideas more in-depth.

I’m not sure yet how the podcast will work. I’ll keep you informed on what I decide. Just know that over the next few weeks, as my family moves, content on the blog will come out a bit slower.

Thanks for your patience,