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Loot in the Fallout Conversion is a bit different than the Core ICRPG game. Instead of rolling on a few D100 tables. We will instead be able to roll on multiple D30 tables. This is where we introduce the Luck Stat. Rolling loot will be as simple as making a Luck check (Rolling 1D20 and adding your LCK modifier). The check will indicate what piece of loot you get. The higher you roll, the better quality or quantity of items you will receive.

Enemies will have LOOT listed on them. When you defeat an enemy you may search them for a number of items of loot. The enemy listing will tell you which tables to roll on and how many rolls you make for each table. Stronger enemies may have more loot, sometimes spread across different loot tables.

The loot quantities also goes for medical boxes and ammo creates. For example a medical crate could have 2x Medical and 1x Chem. Meaning you roll on the Medical table twice, and once on the Chem table.

Having more specific loot tables will help keep the theme realistic to the Fallout Universe. Raiders don’t carry the same gear as Brotherhood Soldiers or Super Mutants. Often times factions will have their own loot table to differentiate the items you’ll be finding.

Get rolling!


1 2x Flares
2 1x Molotov
3 1x Baseball Grenade
4 1x Pulse Grenade
5 Bottlecap Mine Schematics, Attempts to create a bottlecap mine are EASY
6 5x Flares
7 1x Frag Grenade
8 2x Frag Mine
9 2x Molotov (PER, Range-FAR, All targets within CLOSE Take Energy Damage)
10 1x Cryo Grenade (Energy damage in NEAR radius, affected targets must succeed a END check or be frozen for 1 round)
11 2x Baseball Grenades (Simple homemade Grenades that do Energy damage to near targets. Bouncy)
12 1x Baseball Grenade Schematics, Attempts to create a baseball grenade are EASY
13 1x Cryo Mine
14 1x Nuka Grenade
15 2x Cryo Grenade
16 1x Pulse Mine (Triggered when enemy is CLOSE, does Energy damage, double against robots and synths. Placeable, Explosive)
17 1x Plasma Grenade (Does Energy and Weapon damage. Thrown, Explosive)
18 1x Plasma Mine (Triggered when enemy is CLOSE, does Energy and Weapon damage. Placeable, Explosive)
19 2x Ammo Pouch
20 1x Missile Launcher
21 1x MiniNuke
22 10x Flares
23 3x Molotovs
24 1x Note about location of Explosive Stash
25 2x Ammo Pouch
26 Fat Man
27 3x Frag Grenades
28 3x Missiles
29 2x Plasma Grenades
30+ 1x Mini Nuke+ Roll Again on this table

1 Junk Metal (Can be scavenged for basic crafting materials)
2 5x Caps
3 Rusty Pipe Pistol
4 Raider Leathers (EQUIPPED, +1 Melee Weapon Effort)
5 1x Note with death threat from rival gang leader
6 Pipe Revolver Pistol
7 Bladed Tire Iron (MELEE, STR)
8 15x Caps
9 1x Molotov (PER, Range-FAR, All targets within CLOSE Take Energy Damage)
10 1x Jet (For the next 1D4 rounds take 2 actions. Then Roll on the Addiction Chart twice)
11 1x Buffout (For the next 1D4 you gain an extra HEART, Then roll on the addiction table))
12 1x Psycho (For the next 1D4 rounds your attacks do ULTIMATE. Then roll on the addiction table)
13 Pipe Submachine Gun
14 Gas Mask (END Checks to resist radiation are EASY)
15 1x Stimpack
16 1x Ammo Pouch
17 1x Frag Grenade
18 25x Caps
19 1x Sawed-Off Shotgun
20 2x Jet
21 2x Psycho
22 2x Molotovs
23 1x Note about location of Chem Stash
24 2x Ammo Pouch
25 30x Caps
26 2x Frag Grenades
27 1x Missile
28 1x Spiked Cage Armor (+2 Armor, MELEE attackers take 1D4 damage, Bulky)
29 3x Jet
30+ 50x Caps + Roll Again on this table