Imperial Assault Card Designer

You can find the Imperial Assault Card Designer here:

What is this site all about?

I built this site so I could create custom cards for Imperial Assault. It has been a great learning experience to learn more about web development. I am now bringing this design tool to you, the avid Imperial Assault and game designer! Enjoy, create, and share nicely rendered Imperial Assault deployment cards! I can’t wait to see what you make!

How do I use this site?

The site is pretty straight forward. Simply fill out the form information and watch as your deployment card comes to life! There are some simple formatting options that you can do as well, such as replacing certain words in brackets to replace them with an icon. Please checkout the formatting information at the bottom of the IA-Designer page.

There are also a number of sample cards that you can view to see how format your own cards! Here are a few:

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Elite Scout Trooper

Ewok Archers

Magna Droid

How can I help the site?

First and foremost you should be creating cards and sharing them with your friends!

Send me feedback on the site! I’m always up to learn a bit more Javascript and make the site better. In fact I’ve already received some good feedback from the community and made some changes accordingly.

If you want to help out monetarily to keep the site up and support its continued development, considered clicking on one of the affiliate links at the bottom of the designer page. If you purchase something within 24 hours I get a small commission which goes towards web hosting costs. Best of all you even get something out of the deal! Just click one of the links and go buy that thing you’ve had in your cart for the past six months!

Release Notes

Monday April 23rd, 2018

  • Updated formatting guide with more useful information

Friday April 20th

  • Updates to the font and icon replacement
    • Added icon replacement for newer icons such as power tokens
  • Added additional card sample (Thrawn) to show off new icons.

Wednesday April 18th, 2018

  • Imperial Assault Designer goes live!