[ICRPG Creature] – Skull Hound




ATTACK-BITE: Weapon Effort, CLOSE reach

ATTACK-CLAMP: The skull clamps down with STR on its victim attempting to hold it in place. If successful the, the skull hound holds its victim. Attack attempts against a held target are EASY. The skull hound automatically succeeds bite attacks on a held target.

SILENT AS DEATH: Skull hounds are made of shadowy magic which makes them very difficult to hear. They are HARD to detect when moving stealthily and don’t howl or make sounds like hounds or wolves. They are often only seen by their glowing red eyes.

UNDEAD: Skull hounds are a form of undead. They are resistant to poisons but vulnerable to radiant damage.

SKULL CURSE: When defeated the skull falls to the ground. If not destroyed the skull will draw power from the nearby land and regrow its shadowy body over the course of a few days.

DARK POWER: The presence of skull hounds indicates a dark power nearby is corrupting or creating these beings. They are often found in packs near places of immense power and corruption. Sometimes created by liches to deter wanderers from finding their lairs.

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