Fallout ICRPG – Weapons & Equipment

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Universal Starting Equipment

(Choose Three)

Rope & Hook, +3 DEX when climbing
Standard issue grapple gear. Includes 50 feet of rope and a curved metal anchor.
Enhanced Targeting Card
Attach to an Energy Weapon. When rolling ENERGY EFFORT on a D8, if you roll a natural 8 roll again. There is no limit to how man times you can roll.
Medical Supplies
A small white box containing 3x Stimpacks, 2x Radex, and 1x Radaway.
Supplies Pack: Food, Fire Starters, 3 Flares
Long journey? This pack is a must. When traveling far and wide, the GM will roll for travel cost. This many ‘Supplies’ are consumed on the voyage. Average value per pack is 10 Caps.
Miner’s Gear: Lantern, Pick, Spikes
Basic earthworking and tunneling gear.
Tools (one type), +3 Variable
Choose Lock picks, Smithing, Woodwork, Technology (by Type), or Medicine. Add +3 Bonus to your Attempts when working with your Tools. Only affects the ATTEMPT.
Chem Cooler
A small blue container holding 1x Jet, 1x Buffout, and 1x Psycho
Caps Stash
A small tin container holding 50 caps.
Leather Chest Piece, +1 Armor
This armor set is fashioned out of belts, straps, braces and pads.


Starting Weapons

(Choose up to Three)

Combat Knife: A large combat knife with a clip-point blade.
STR, Melee, Concealable, Piercing, Thrown
Machete: Broad, single-edged blade with a wooden grip wrapped in cloth.
STR, Melee, Durable, Sharp
Brass Knuckles: Metal knuckles designed for increased damage during punching.
STR, Melee, Concealable, Easy to Use, Durable
Power Fist: Originally used as pre-War hardware for demolition crews, this pneumatic battering ram delivers a powerful punch.
STR, Melee, Durable, Brutal, High-Tech
Ripper: A short-bladed, chainsaw-like device that was used by the military before the war, most likely used both as a weapon and as a general-purpose cutting tool.
STR, Melee, Loud, Sharp, Rapid
10mm Pistol: A reliable pistol often used by pre-war security personnel.
AGI, Ballistic, Short-Range, Concealable, Durable
Flare Gun: A short pistol that can fire a single flare. Flares are often used to signal or light an area.
AGI, Energy, Loud, Bright, Weak
Double-Barrel Shotgun: The double-barrel shotgun is a break-action, two-handed shotgun that uses 12-gauge shotgun shells as ammunition.
Per, Ballistic, Short-Range, Brutal, Common
Hunting Rifle: The hunting rifle is a high powered bolt action weapon capable of hitting targets at very long ranges.
Per, Ballistic, Long-Range, Rare Ammo, High-Caliber
Laser Rifle: AER9 PreWar Standard Issue Laser Rifle
PER, Energy, High-Tech, Medium-Range, Superhot
Plasma Pistol: Once industrial plasma casters used for welding, now militarized by the U.S. Army.
AGI, Energy, Short-Range, Rare Ammo, High-Tech, High-Energy
Pipe Rifle: A crude, homemade weapon, the pipe gun models were common in pre-war Detroit street gangs.
PER, Ballistic, Long-Range, Rusty, Everywhere, Customisable
Bolt Action Pipe Rifle: Like the regular pipe weapons, this bolt action gun can support higher caliber rounds.
PER, Ballistic, Long-Range, High-Caliber, Rusty, Rare Ammo
Assault Rifle: This gas-operated assault rifle has anti-aircraft style sights and a water-cooled jacket that shrouds the barrel and maintains its temperature under sustained fire.
AGI, Ballistic, Medium-Range, Rapid-Fire, Rare Ammo
Missile Launcher: The missile launcher offers a single tube for launching high explosive rockets. Missiles are expensive and hard to come by but deal DOUBLE ULTIMATE in NEAR radius.
PER, Explosive, Long-Range, High-Tech, Limited Ammo
3x Pulse Grenades: This device creates a small electrical shock, dealing ENERGY Damage within NEAR radius. It does DOUBLE EFFORT against Synths, Robots, and Machines.
PER, Energy, Thrown, Volatile, Unblockable
3x Frag Grenades: Pull the pin and throw! Does ULTIMATE damage within NEAR radius.
PER, Ballistic, Thrown, Volatile


Weapon Tags

Short-Range: Targets beyond NEAR are HARD to hit
Medium-Range: Targets beyond FAR are HARD to hit
Long-Range: No penalty for hitting distant targets

Ballistic: Does WEAPON Damage
Melee: Does WEAPON Damage
Energy: Does ENERGY Damage

Weak: Does Minimum Damage
Volatile: Explodes when rolling a natural 1
Loud: Creates a loud noise when used, draws attention
Thrown: Can make a weapon attempt to throw the item up to FAR
Unblockable: This weapon is difficult to block
High-Tech: Creating, Modfiying, and Repairing this weapon is HARD
Rare Ammo: Weapon rolls of 2 or less cause this weapon to run out of ammo; Ammo packs for this weapon are generally more expensive
Limited Ammo: Ammo for this weapon must be tracked individually and are generally very expensive
Explosive: Damage dealt affects an area from the impact point, targets often get a DEX or CON roll to avoid or reduce damage
Rusty: Weapon jams when rolling a natural 1, must make a successful weapon check to unjam it
Brutal: Natural rolls of 17+ Deal maximum damage
High-Energy: Rolls of 20+ melt 1 piece of gear or armor
Superhot: Rolls of 20+ start the target on fire, dealing 1D4 fire damage at the start of its next turn
High-Caliber: Damage rolls of 3 or less are counted as 3
Customisable: Creating, Modifying, and Repairing this weapon is EASY

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