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Perks are rewards given to players when they reach specific MILESTONES. These are essentially level up rewards that are granted at key points during the game. 

Milestone paths were first introduced in ICRPG Worlds

A player may choose any perk in tier 1. In order to gain perks in a higher tier you must have 2 perks in the previous tier for that stat. 

Perks may not be traded or replaced. 


  • TIER 1
    • Strength Training: +1 STR
    • Bear Arms: Heavy weapons only take up 1 inventory slot.
  • TIER 2
    • Strength Training: +1 STR
    • Big Leagues: Your melee attacks hit all targets CLOSE to you.
    • Bullet Shield: Gain +2 ARMOR while wielding a Heavy Weapon.
    • Iron Fist: Unarmed attackers deal +3 damage.
    • Strong Back: Gain +5 Carry slots
  • TIER 3
    • Strength Training: +1 STR
    • Heavy Gunner: Attack rolls with Heavy Weapons of 15+ stagger the target, preventing them from moving on their turn.
    • Stonewall: Melee and Unarmed attacks against you deal -3 damage.
    • Piercing Strike: Targets gain no benefit from Armor when you make an unarmed attack against them.
  • TIER 4
    • Strength Training: +1 STR





  • TIER 1
    • Intelligence Training: +1 INT
    • Licensed Plumber: Your pipe weapons never jam and deal +2 damage
    • Medic: CHEMS you administer also restore +1d4 HP (Stimpacks, Radaway, Jet, etc)
    • Gun Nut: Crafting, repairing, and modifying Ballistic weapons is EASY and gain +3 to effort rolls.
  • TIER 2
    • Intelligence Training: +1 INT
    • Hacker: Hacking computer terminals is EASY
    • Scrapper: You can destroy equipment to get crafting components. Work with your GM to determine what parts you recieve based on the item being scrapped
    • Chemist: Duration of all CHEMS increases by +2 rounds
    • Science!: You’ve learned to tinker with high-tech gadgets. If you fail a crafting, repair, or modify attempt on a HIGH-TECH item, apply half of your effort
  • TIER3
    • Intelligence Training: +1 INT
    • Makeshift Warrior: When you craft a weapon you may choose 2 additional tags to apply to the weapon
    • Vigilant Recycler: You can convert any 3 ENERGY WEAPON AMMO into 2 of any other ENERGY WEAPON AMMO
    • Robotics Expert: Communicating with Robots is EASY for you. You may also attempt to Hack a robot (shut down, self destruct, reprogram)
    • Entomologist: You always roll ULTIMATE damage against mutated insects
  • TIER 4
    • Intelligence Training: +1 INT
    • Nerd Rage: When you have less than 1 full heart gain +5 ARMOR and do +5 Damage
    • Nuclear Physicist: Your fusion core die becomes a d8.
    • Plasma Spaz: When you attack with a Plasma weapon you may make an additional attack for free.
    • Pharmacist: When you craft CHEMS you get +1 additional CHEM from a success.



  • TIER 1
    • Luck Training: +1 LCK
    • Dry Nurse: When healing another player with a stimpack make a HARD LCK check. On success the stimpack is not consumed.
    • Junk Rounds: You can craft 3 ballistic rounds from 2 tin cans and 1 scrap metal
    • Scavenger: +5 LCK when rolling for loot
  • TIER 2
    • Luck Training: +1 LCK
    • Mysterious Stranger: You gain a Mysterious Stranger Die, it’s a D4. Anytime you make an attack, increase the die by 1. While at 4, if a creature you attack has less than 1 Heart of health, a mysterious stranger appears and finishes off the target, reset the die to 1. 
    • Fortune Finder: Whenever you roll on a loot table you also find a number of CAPS equal to your LCK
    • Critical Savvy: 19’s and 20’s are considered Criticals for you
    • Lucky Break: If your gear would Jam, break, or otherwise stop working, make a LCK check. On success nothing happens to your gear.
  • TIER 3
    • Luck Training: +1 LCK
    • Better Criticals: When you roll ULTIMATE, roll 2d12, take the better roll
    • Critical Banker: When you roll a critical, instead of rolling ULTIMATE you may take a HERO COIN if you don’t have one already
    • Bloody Mess: Deal +3 damage with all attacks; if you kill an enemyy with a critical hit it explodes violently
    • Pharma Farmer: +10 LCK when rolling on CHEM or MEDICAL Loot tables
  • TIER 4
    • Luck Training: +1 LCK
    • 4 Leaf Clover: 18’s, 19’s, and 20’s are considered Criticals for you
    • Grim Reapers Sprint: When you kill an enemy make a LCK check. On a success you may make another action
    • Ricochet: You have a Ricochet dice (D4), it starts at 1. Whenever an enemy targets you with a ranged attack increase the die by 1; if the die is at 4 make a LCK check, on success the attacker takes the damage instead and your die is reset to 1
    • Mysterious Saviour: When you reach 0 hit points, make a LCK check. On success a mysterious savior revivews you