Fallout ICRPG – Factions – Raiders

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Raiders scour the wasteland in small packs and gangs looking to steal and murder to survive. Raiders are brutal and usually armed with pipe weapons and crudely made welded or leather armor.

INSPIRE FEAR: Raiders will attempt to incite fear in their victims and will use violence to get what they want.
GORILLA TACTICS: Raiders fight with simple squad tactics. They will attempt to ambush and lure their targets into traps.
FOOLHARDY: Raiders will never flee or give up a fight.
POWER DYNAMIC: Raiders are never found alone, they travel in packs and form gangs and tribes. The strongest become raider bosses often through raw strength, customized weaponry, or shear intimidation.

Raider Generator

1 Attempt to frighten and extort the players
2 Gun the players down
3 Flank the players position
4 Defend a base or location
1 Launching an Ambush
2 Patrolling an Area
3 Scavenging Materials
4 Harassing Others
1 Extra Mooks: +1d4+1 Raiders
2 Jacked Up: CHEMS are preventing them from feeling pain. All Raiders ignore any damage of 3 or less.
3 Makeshift Barricades: They’ve constructed crude fortifications with 1 HEART each.
4 Missile Launcher: One raider fires a missile every 1d4 turns dealing ultimate in NEAR radius. Raiders will attempt to reclaim the launcher if the wielder goes down.

Raider Scum

LOOT: 1xRaider

ATTACK-PIPE WEAPON: Weapon effort, FAR, PER. On any critical fail the gun jams up and cannot be fired until unjammed.
ATTACK-MELEE: Weapon Effort, CLOSE. Normal STR attempt with a tire iron, baseball bat, or bayonet rifle.

Raider Psycho

LOOT: 1xChem or 1xExplosive

ATTACK-MELEE: Weapon Effort, CLOSE. Normal STR attempt with a tire iron, baseball bat, or machete.
IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVES: PER attempt, does energy effort in CLOSE radius. Limit 1 use Per psycho.
Before engaging in melee combat psychos will attempt to smoke out their targets with molotovs or other crude explosives.
CHEM FURY: Psychos can make 1 Melee attack on their turn as a free action.
Psychos are often high on Jet or other CHEMS that allow them to hit harder and faster than your average Wastelander.

Raider Veteran

ROLLS: +3 STR, +3 PER, +3 Weapon Damage
LOOT: 1xRaider, 1xAmmo

ATTACK-COMBAT RIFLE: Weapon Effort, Double Far, PER. Veteran’s attack with military grade rifles.
GUNDOWN: Veteran’s can make 2 ranged attacks on their turns if they don’t move.
SEASONED BRAWLER: If a veteran deals 5 or more damage on a melee attack, the target is knocked prone.

Raider Scavver

ROLLS: +3 STR, +3 PER, +1 ALL Other ROLLS
LOOT: 2xRaider

ATTACK-MELEE: Weapon Effort, CLOSE. Normal STR attempt with a power armor fist.
ATTACK-AUTOMATIC RIFLE: Weapon Effort, FAR, Automatic-When rolling damage, 1’s and 2’s explode.
SCAVENGED ARMOR: Attacks against a Scavver still in his power armor are HARD.
THE BOSS: Scavvers often rise to gang leader status. Their power armor gives them an edge when intimidating other raiders.


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