Fallout ICRPG Conversion

Quick Links

  1. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats and Effort
  2. Bio-Forms
  3. Starter Loot
  4. Weapons & Equipment
  5. Classes (In Progress)
    1. Junkie
    2. Knight
    3. Merc
  6. Perks (In Progess)
  7. Power Armor (In Progess)
  8. Weapon List (In Progess)
  9. Factions & Enemies(In Progess)
    1. Raiders
    2. Brotherhood of Steel
  10. Loot Tables (In Progess)
  11. Free Online Play Assets

Hello everyone! I’ve been working steadily on an ICRPG conversion of the Fallout universe. The recent news of Fallout 76 got my nostalgia turned up and I have more drive than ever to get this completed. I’ve been slowly creating a single large document. That isn’t going quick enough for me, so I’m going to start releasing little bits as I complete them.

This project will be similar to my Skyrim Conversion Project, however I have a much better idea of where to take this one. I’m also hoping that I can crowd source some of this. If you have ideas or want to suggest changes, please head over to our Discord server.

As we start getting this close to complete I’ll look at either leaving it as is, with links around to different pieces of content, like a Wiki. I may possible convert this all into one big PDF that I will offer up for download.