Fallout ICRPG – Class – Merc

Quick Links

  1. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats and Effort
  2. Bio-Forms
  3. Starter Loot
  4. Weapons & Equipment
  5. Classes (In Progress)
    1. Junkie
    2. Knight
    3. Merc
  6. Perks (In Progess)
  7. Power Armor (In Progess)
  8. Weapon List (In Progess)
  9. Factions & Enemies(In Progess)
    1. Raiders
    2. Brotherhood of Steel
  10. Loot Tables (In Progess)
  11. Free Online Play Assets


Many in the wastes have become guns for hire. Mercs fill many roles, couriers, assassins, bodyguards.

“No job is too dangerous, for the right price”

Starter Reward:

Rapid Fire Module (Attach to a weapon, when rolling damage 1’s and 2’s explode)

Milestone Rewards:

Combat Knife (3 count, STR, Concealable, Thrown, Silent)

Silencer (Attach to a ballistic gun, the gun can be fired without drawing attention)

Recoil Compensating Stock (Attach to weapon, when attacking with the weapon make 2 attacks)

Remote Explosives (3 count, set and prime as an action, use remote to detonate within Double FAR. Deals double ULTIMATE in near radius, ULTIMATE in FAR radius)

Explosives Kit (Craft any 2 explosive devices)

Weapon Tools (Attempts to create, repair, or modify weapons are easy)


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