Fallout ICRPG – Class – Knight

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Class – Knight

Trained by the Brotherhood of Steel, knights pilot large power armor suits. A knight in full armor is a walking tank.

“My Power Armor protects me and the Brotherhood.”

Starter Reward:

T51b Power Armor (1 Heart, +3 Armor, Uses Power Dynamic Dice)

Milestone Rewards:

Fusion Cores  (5 count, as as action, consume a fusion core to reset your POWER dice to 1)

Welding Gear (While repairing or modifying Power Armor roll ULTIMATE)

Targeting HUD (Attach to Power Armor, Targets within FAR are EASY to hit)

Emergency Repair Kit (1 Count, As an action restore 1 heart of health to the power armor, even while wearing it)

Tesla Coils (Attach to Power Armor, Consume 1 energy, all enemies within NEAR radius take ENERGY damage)

Jetpack (Attach to Power Armor, Consumes power to allow flight)


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