Fallout ICRPG – Class – Junkie

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Class – Junkie

Addictive substances can be found all over the wastes. Many provide extreme highs while also being very addictive. Junkies seek out their next hit and become somewhat tolerant of Withdrawal effects.

“Just gotta get a little more jet.”

Starter Reward:

Speed Syringe (Take 1 CHEM then perform an action)

Milestone Rewards:

Inhaler Filter (-3 when rolling on the addiction table)

Addictol  (CHEM, 3 count, Remove 1 Withdrawal symptom)

Ultra – Jet (CHEM, 3 count, AGI checks are easy and take 2 actions per turn for 1d8 turns, then roll on the addiction table twice)

Junkies Grip (Attach to a weapon, that weapon does +1 damage for each Withdrawal symptom you’re suffering)

Chem Supplies (Craft 2 CHEMS of your choice)


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