Fallout ICRPG – Bioforms

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  1. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats and Effort
  2. Bio-Forms
  3. Starter Loot
  4. Weapons & Equipment
  5. Classes (In Progress)
    1. Junkie
    2. Knight
    3. Merc
  6. Perks (In Progess)
  7. Power Armor (In Progess)
  8. Weapon List (In Progess)
  9. Factions & Enemies(In Progess)
    1. Raiders
    2. Brotherhood of Steel
  10. Loot Tables (In Progess)
  11. Free Online Play Assets


HUMAN: The most common folk that wander the earth. Humans are versatile and cover many roles. While not the most robust creature, humans as a whole have proven the test of time.

Humans get +2 points during character creation.

GHOUL: Once human, forever changed by massive amounts of radiation. Ghouls are not welcome in all circles due to their altered appearance.

+2 END, Whenever a Ghoul would suffer from Radiation they heal 1D6 instead, Feral Ghouls are passive towards Ghouls unless provoked.

SYNTH:  Created by the Institute, Synths appear human in every way. They Eat, Sleep, Bleed, and are affected by Radiation. However their design prevents aging and enhances them more than a standard human.

+1 STR, +1 AGI, +1 INT

ROBOT: Numerous robots were created before the Great War. Now these robots wander the wastelands. Constructed of Heavy Metals, Plastics, and Glass make them exceptionally durable.

+2 ARMOR, Pick your model below, Cannot take CHEMS

  • PROTECTRON:  +10 CARRY Slots
  • ASSUALTRON: Eye-Laser: PER WEAPON: Initiate charge with an ACTION, Laser fires for ULTIMATE in 1D4 ROUNDS.
  • Mr. HANDY: 3 Appendages, Hover speed


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