[Online Play Assets] Fallout ICRPG – FREE

While working on te Fallout ICRPG I’ve drawn a fair number of Fallout pieces and turned them into the online play assets similar to the ones found in the ICRPG CORE. These are free to download in both token and card format. Below are a few for free, join our site to download the full

[Review] Dungeon World

I have recently stumbled into the wonderful world of Dungeon World, a PtbA (Powered by the Apocalypse) dungeon crawling game. I really enjoy the way the system allows for and encourages the players and the DM to build the world (or fiction as they call it) together. See additional resource links (podcasts, online rules, etc)

[Magic Item] Book of Kindling Knowledge

At first glance this leather-bound tome appears to be a normal book with an ornate tree. Also stamped into the leather is the silhouette of a figure reading a book at the base of the tree. When you open the book, speak two command words. The words may be a new combination or a previously

[ICRPG Creature] – Skull Hound

The presence of skull hounds indicates a dark power nearby is corrupting or creating these beings. They are often found in packs near places of immense power and corruption.

Perks – Fallout ICRPG

Perks Perks are rewards given to players when they reach specific MILESTONES. These are essentially level up rewards that are granted at key points during the game.  Milestone paths were first introduced in ICRPG Worlds.  A player may choose any perk in tier 1. In order to gain perks in a higher tier you must

[Review] The Witcher TRPG

I haven’t found a good review of The Witcher Tabletop RPG on DriveThruRPG yet so I figured I’d grab a dagger and take a stab at it myself. Before we get started, I’d like to preface that I have had no experience with the Witcher series of books or videogames. It’s always been a series

Using Cards Instead Of Dice for RPGs

Can a deck of cards be used in place of the normal d20 system? Most of this Spurs from a recent reading of the no dice rule book which you can find here. But I’ve always been fascinated with cards as a gameplay mechanic so let’s dig in. At its most basic you could simply

Loot – Fallout ICRPG

Loot Loot in the Fallout Conversion is a bit different than the Core ICRPG game. Instead of rolling on a few D100 tables. We will instead be able to roll on multiple D30 tables. This is where we introduce the Luck Stat. Rolling loot will be as simple as making a Luck check (Rolling 1D20

Brotherhood of Steel – Factions – Fallout ICRPG

Brotherhood of Steel The Brotherhood of Steel is a military based group, descendant from the U.S. Military. Their doctrine primarily includes recovery of pre-war technology, and cleansing the wasteland of abominations caused by radiation. BoS soldiers will fire on sight of super mutants, ghouls, and synths. TECHNOLOGY SCAVENGERS: The Brotherhood puts high emphasis on retrieving

Fallout ICRPG – Factions – Raiders

RAIDERS Raiders scour the wasteland in small packs and gangs looking to steal and murder to survive. Raiders are brutal and usually armed with pipe weapons and crudely made welded or leather armor. INSPIRE FEAR: Raiders will attempt to incite fear in their victims and will use violence to get what they want. GORILLA TACTICS: