[Online Play Assets] Fallout ICRPG – FREE

While working on te Fallout ICRPG I’ve drawn a fair number of Fallout pieces and turned them into the online play assets similar to the ones found in the ICRPG CORE. These are free to download in both token and card format. Below are a few for free, join our site to download the full

[ICRPG Creature] – Skull Hound

The presence of skull hounds indicates a dark power nearby is corrupting or creating these beings. They are often found in packs near places of immense power and corruption.

Loot – Fallout ICRPG

Loot Loot in the Fallout Conversion is a bit different than the Core ICRPG game. Instead of rolling on a few D100 tables. We will instead be able to roll on multiple D30 tables. This is where we introduce the Luck Stat. Rolling loot will be as simple as making a Luck check (Rolling 1D20

Brotherhood of Steel – Factions – Fallout ICRPG

Brotherhood of Steel The Brotherhood of Steel is a military based group, descendant from the U.S. Military. Their doctrine primarily includes recovery of pre-war technology, and cleansing the wasteland of abominations caused by radiation. BoS soldiers will fire on sight of super mutants, ghouls, and synths. TECHNOLOGY SCAVENGERS: The Brotherhood puts high emphasis on retrieving

Fallout ICRPG – Factions – Raiders

RAIDERS Raiders scour the wasteland in small packs and gangs looking to steal and murder to survive. Raiders are brutal and usually armed with pipe weapons and crudely made welded or leather armor. INSPIRE FEAR: Raiders will attempt to incite fear in their victims and will use violence to get what they want. GORILLA TACTICS:

Fallout ICRPG – Weapons & Equipment

Universal Starting Equipment (Choose Three) Rope & Hook, +3 DEX when climbing Standard issue grapple gear. Includes 50 feet of rope and a curved metal anchor. Enhanced Targeting Card Attach to an Energy Weapon. When rolling ENERGY EFFORT on a D8, if you roll a natural 8 roll again. There is no limit to how

Fallout ICRPG – Class – Merc

Merc Many in the wastes have become guns for hire. Mercs fill many roles, couriers, assassins, bodyguards. “No job is too dangerous, for the right price” Starter Reward: Rapid Fire Module (Attach to a weapon, when rolling damage 1’s and 2’s explode) Milestone Rewards: Combat Knife (3 count, STR, Concealable, Thrown, Silent) Silencer (Attach to

Fallout ICRPG – Class – Knight

Class – Knight Trained by the Brotherhood of Steel, knights pilot large power armor suits. A knight in full armor is a walking tank. “My Power Armor protects me and the Brotherhood.” Starter Reward: T51b Power Armor (1 Heart, +3 Armor, Uses Power Dynamic Dice) Milestone Rewards: Fusion Cores  (5 count, as as action, consume

Fallout ICRPG – Class – Junkie

Class – Junkie Addictive substances can be found all over the wastes. Many provide extreme highs while also being very addictive. Junkies seek out their next hit and become somewhat tolerant of Withdrawal effects. “Just gotta get a little more jet.” Starter Reward: Speed Syringe (Take 1 CHEM then perform an action) Milestone Rewards: Inhaler

Fallout ICRPG – Starter Loot

Starter Loot (Choose One) Bowler Hat, +1 END Wasteland Survival Guide, +1 INT Fedora, +1 CHR Welding Goggles, +1 PER Leather Boots, +1 AGI Sunglasses, +1 LCK Scrap Electronics, +1 Energy Effect Weapon Mods, +2 Weapon Damage Scavengers Gloves, +3 When rolling for LOOT Binoculars, +3 PER while scouting Astoundingly Awesome Tales #7, +3 Ultimate