[Review] Dungeon World

I have recently stumbled into the wonderful world of Dungeon World, a PtbA (Powered by the Apocalypse) dungeon crawling game. I really enjoy the way the system allows for and encourages the players and the DM to build the world (or fiction as they call it) together. See additional resource links (podcasts, online rules, etc)

[Review] Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

I’ve always had a hard time finding a good cooperative game to play with my wife. This past Christmas we found ourselves attending a wedding in Omaha. While my wife was off doing bridal party things I stopped into a wonderful little board game cafe called Spiel Bound. They recommended trying the Harry Potter Hogwarts

[Review] The Witcher TRPG

I haven’t found a good review of The Witcher Tabletop RPG on DriveThruRPG yet so I figured I’d grab a dagger and take a stab at it myself. Before we get started, I’d like to preface that I have had no experience with the Witcher series of books or videogames. It’s always been a series