Affiliate Info

Affiliate Links

Game Design Notes participates in the Amazon Affiliate program. This means that I receive a commission if someone uses one of my links and ends up purchasing something (doesn’t have to be the same product the link was for).

This does not cost you anything for using the link, and they will not charge you more through the links. This is a simple way to monetize my site without introducing those nasty ads we all hate.


Why not ads?

I’m sure we can all agree that ads can be annoying and slow down the site.

Another benefit is that I can support:

  • The Readers (you) by helping you find great games.
  • The designers, by getting more of their games into public hands
  • The site, by getting some commission to pay for hosting


Do you own the products?

I will only include links to products I have owned or fully support. I will indicate if I own the game or how I came to know it.

Disclaimers aside, if you choose to support me by buying something through one of my links, I thank you!